usually doing 101 things at the same time.

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On this page, you can find links to all my projects.
Have any remarks, questions, feedback or just want to chat?
The easiest way to reach me is through Discord or e-mail.


I have a few creative outlets that I don't mind sharing with the world.


The Green Man Comics logo

The Green Man Comics

Originally therapeutic paintings turned into digital comics, now a web comic series with the goal of creating content relatable to neurodivergents as well as giving allistics some insights.

Eggcrack Comics logo

Eggcrack Comics

Comics that didn't necessarily fit into the neurodivergent theme and ended up in their own humouristic collection.


Custom floor sign designs for Animal Crossing.

Custom Stardew Valley overlay for Twitch.

Other layouts and designs.


Guides on Steam

Guides for games that are on Steam.

Other guides

Guides for games that aren't on Steam
and miscellaneous tutorials.


mods for Staxel
mods for Garden Paws
designs for Planet Zoo
Read the mod documentation & wiki for more info.
Looking for mod support or how to make your own?
Check out Mod Bucket on Discord.


Fancy Patter

My handwriting font.


Rambling Reviews

Full reviews on games, software and other things.

Reviews on Steam

Game review summaries on Steam.


Fancy Patter
is the personal Discord community server
behind lydocia and all of her projects.

- A little more about boring old me;
- Links to all the places I am active at;
- Updates on my projects;
- A community to hang out and chat;
- A place to organise collaborations;
- The fastest way to contact me.

Mod Bucket
is a Discord community for learning and sharing all things creative and programming.

- Mod support for all Mod Bucket mods;
- A place to advertise your own work;
- Learning new things and asking questions;
- Working on tutorials, wikis and other documentation together;
- Collaborations on all kinds of projects.

Open Gates
is a wholesome community
for people who love playing games.

- Discuss your favourite games;
- Find people to play together with;
- Hype about upcoming alphas, betas and Kickstarters;
- Ask for help whenever you need it;
- Mostly a group of adults who love games.

AC:NH Swap
is a wholesome Animal Crossing community
focused on fair trading.

- Visit other islands without paying entrance;
- Trade based on equivalent exchange, not greed;
- Adopt villagers, don't buy them;
- Dupe-free and honestly acquired trades;
- A wholesome community to hype together.